About Us

Nectar Culinary Delights was created from a desire to bring back old school tasty treats! From the tender age of 4 years old baking has been my passion, it has been a stress relief during corporate roles and now it is being brought to life for others to share. We live in a society where health and clean eating are so implicitly focused on. Coming from an Allied health background I definitely understand the importance of living an active lifestyle and eating in moderation. But when you want to treat yourself there is nothing better than devouring homemade baked goods that are fresh, tasty and lure you back into nostalgic times of sitting around with friends and family eating Grandma’s delicious baking. The smell, the taste, the texture, and rekindling fond memories are what we are all about delivering. There should be no guilt associated with occasionally (or regularly!) tucking into one of our delicious baked goods and our dream is to take you back to your happy place! The Hummingbird loves drinking nectar from its chosen flowers and we hope our home baked treats will also become your sweet liquid of choice.